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PirateBox (General)

General discussions related to building, using, and improving the PirateBox. 
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Please share your PirateBox photos   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

by darts
94 03/20/2014 09:06AM
Last Post by Datathrash

Useful Links & Guides

by Nargren
1 07/29/2013 12:37AM
Last Post by Nargren

IRC Channel for Online help

by Matthias
9 06/25/2013 02:30AM
Last Post by Matthias

PirateBox Forum READ.ME

by darts
1 03/29/2012 07:30PM
Last Post by darts

piratebox on openpandora

by peelie
3 04/23/2014 08:33AM
Last Post by peelie

PirateBox on Android

by joschi70
17 04/23/2014 07:55AM
Last Post by Comap89

python script not completly running under cgi-bin

by rahulmahale
5 04/23/2014 06:16AM
Last Post by rahulmahale

want torestore tp-link mr3020 back to factory

by pdrift
8 04/21/2014 03:37PM
Last Post by nixuser23

How to make the communication through https instead of http

by rahulmahale
6 04/18/2014 03:28AM
Last Post by Matthias

Battery charger

by charliehill
2 04/16/2014 02:09PM
Last Post by Suricou Raven

sending emails

by jyb
3 04/06/2014 04:33PM
Last Post by jyb

Battery Reports

by cafeen
23 04/02/2014 10:07PM
Last Post by charliehill

ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused. TP-LINK w703n

by Dot1978
2 04/02/2014 09:46AM
Last Post by Matthias

Issues installing Piratebox to a TP-Link MR3020   (Pages: 1 2)

by drhitchcock
42 03/31/2014 11:35AM
Last Post by Dot

Do video streaming with PirateBox

by geeksan
3 03/24/2014 01:56PM
Last Post by geeksan

Anon microblogging with images?

by rubin110
4 03/24/2014 10:45AM
Last Post by Matthias

https redirect problem with default browser setup

by blackbeard
8 03/24/2014 03:21AM
Last Post by zhenqi

PirateBox on (walmart) Dane-Elec media streamer aka gigastone?

by Gannon
3 03/24/2014 12:04AM
Last Post by Gannon
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Trouble installing PirateBox on TL-WR1043ND Ver:2.1

by ev9n
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How to install packages on usb.

by rahulmahale
4 03/15/2014 06:49AM
Last Post by Matthias

**Attention** Calling all PB PROS - PB beta 1.0 testing needed   (Pages: 1 2)

by damavox
36 03/15/2014 06:02AM
Last Post by Matthias

installing Kareha Image Board

by choo
6 03/11/2014 03:23AM
Last Post by Matthias

total newb: Can I use an old Airport Express for this?

by idiota
2 03/10/2014 09:48AM
Last Post by choo

Probably a super nub question..

by igz
8 03/09/2014 10:42AM
Last Post by Matthias

Change station_cnt Refresh Time

by CKalis
5 03/06/2014 02:06PM
Last Post by CKalis

help with a simple question

by choo
10 03/06/2014 12:50PM
Last Post by choo

Cannot Delete Forum Posts on PB

by CKalis
7 03/05/2014 01:30PM
Last Post by CKalis

Media streaming solutions?

by JesusDoesVegas
4 03/01/2014 07:55PM
Last Post by JesusDoesVegas

Getting from Librarybox back to Piratebox

by rolandksmith
5 02/26/2014 05:58PM
Last Post by Oliver
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utter newb questions: open-wrt? dd-wrt?

by lostsys
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This topic has been moved.

WR3020 OpenWRT Problems

by c.jordancain@gmail.com
  This topic has been moved.
This topic has been moved.

password protection

by JesusDoesVegas
  This topic has been moved.

Pirate Derigible

by hamitrox
4 02/23/2014 03:02AM
Last Post by FriedZombie

Pirateboxed TL-WR1043N and switching to DD-WRT

by Howard
2 02/22/2014 01:47PM
Last Post by FriedZombie